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Type & Uses

Spring Steel Wire Rod
There are two types of spring steels: coil spring and torsion bar produced through hot forming and used for automobile suspension system; and wire spring made by cold forming and used for electronics, precision machinery and furniture.

Wire Rod For Bearing Steel
To withstand repeated loads and high-speed rotations during operation, bearing steel requires a high degree of durability. This type of steel is used in a variety of industrial machine parts, including ball bearings and ring bearings.

Carbon Steel Wire Rod for Cold Heading and Cold Forging
Wire rod for cold heading quality is cold headed, forged or extruded to make bolts, nuts or screws used widely in automobile parts and industrial machines.

Piano Wire Rod
Often used in high strength bead wire, LR PC steel wire and music wire, this type of rod is made from high-carbon steels with excellent filamentary drawability, high strength and fatigue resistance.
Wire Rod For Tire Cord
Manufactured through drawing (0.4-0.15mm ) and cording of high carbon steel wire rods, steel cord is used to reinforce the durability of automobile tires. This wire rod type requires particularly clean and high-strength steel.

Wire Rod for High Strength Steel
This PC bar type steel is used in reinforcing the concrete in telegraph poles and piles. Structural carbon steel containing traces of boron, or a large amount of silicon, undergoes high-frequency heat treatment to produce this type of wire rods. Compared with mild steel, this steel type has higher elastic limits and lower relaxation.

High Carbon Wire Rod steel
High carbon steel products require the micro-structure of fine pearlite to maintain its high strength and to ensure its wire drawability. This steel is used in wire ropes, precision springs, bead wires and general PC steel wires
Free Cutting Carbon Steel
With an addition of such free-cutting elements as P, Pb, Bi and S, this steel type is used in precision parts of automobiles and home appliances.

Wire Rod for Core Wire of Covered Electrodes
Precise component control is required to ensure weldability and deposit metal quality. The wire rod slow cooling operation as well as the TS deviation control are carried out to guarantee rod drawability. The rods are used for CO2 gas-shielded arc welding wire, submerged arc welding wire and general electrodes.


Low Carbon Steel Wire Rod
This type of wire rod is made of low-carbon steel with carbon content under 0.22%. It is used in manufacturing various kinds of steel wires, nails and wire entanglement.


Alloy Steel Wire Rod for machine Structural Use
This steel is mainly used for the joints of mechanical parts, such as high-strength bolts and nuts. It is also used for the delivery of driving force. It is a high strength steel with an addition of such alloy elements as chromium, nickel and molybdenum.