Product - STEELS - Unilume & Colourlume  

Unilume Steel

Unilume steel is the result of an ideal alloy of aluminum and zinc.

It consists of aluminum (55% in weight ratio but 80% in surface volume ratio), zinc (43.4% in weight), and silicone (1.6% in weight ratio) so it has both aluminum-unique corrosion-resistance and heat resistance and zinc-unique "galvanic behavior".

Colorlume Steel


Colorlume, in other words, color painted Unilume of aluminum-zinc alloy steel has Unilume-unique characteristics of superior corrosion-resistance and heatresistance.

Colorlume, which is beautiful and varied in colors, has opened a new chapter for construction culture by satisfying customers both in the superior performance and esthetic factor. Union Steel has been supplying 250,000 metric tons ofpre-painted products in various colors since the expansion of state-of-the art color coating line (annual capa. 100,000 metric tons) in 1993.

Product Introduction

This most widely used prepainted steel sheet is covered with polyester paint material that is baked on to its surface. Polyester prepainted steel sheet is used for exterior panels and interior design purposes that do not require excessive processing.

  • Prepainted steel sheet is coated or baked with paint containing polyester resin.
  • Most widely used. Generally displays superior workability, durability, and weather resistance
  • Used for a variety of purposes; offered in a wide array of colors and degrees of polish.
  • Sandwich panel, lightweight partition, roof panel, water gutter, shutter, door, boiler cover, iron frame furniture.