Product - PROCESS MONITORS - for Metal Forming Machines  

PK 600 I

Machine Integrated Process Monitoring
BRANKAMP PK 600 I: A powerful package consisting of process monitoring software* and the software module to implement process monitoring into machine controls under the Windows NT operating system.

BRANKAMP PK 600 I offers all the features of a modern process monitoring system, e.g.:

  • Multi-station envelope curve monitoring
  • Force and Acoustic Emission monitoring
  • Zoom function
  • Tool data collection
  • Easy Error Location
  • Online help function

Machine control, process monitoring, data collection and special software - all function on one single user interface. Simply press 0a button to select software programmes.

*process monitoring incl. sensors


Brankamp PK6000

Process Monitoring on presses, stamping machines and thread rollers

  • Easiest operation of equipment on a brilliant, large size 12 Easy Touch screen
  • Intelligent Auto-Pilot function makes the handling of the unit very easy
  • Quattromatic envelope curve function for highest quality demands
  • Large tool data base to store reference curves to optimize set-up times
  • Comprehensive report of machine stops for a precise analysis of stop reasons and trouble zones
  • Detailed TeleMonitoring on the management screen, in the foreman office, in the tool room or for set-up help via Ethernet and PK Factory Link Software
  • High-capacity Early Warning System
  • Detailed fault analysis system with high-capacity data base
  • Sitemap showing all features at-a-glance
  • Favourite Keys for highly frequented features
  • Networking capacity under Ethernet TCP/IP networks
  • Maximum operational reliability due to latest Windows Embedded NT operating system

Brankamp PK 4U

ProcessMonitoring System for massive forming and sheet metal processing

  • Measuring device for multi-sensory monitoring of analog (1-6) and digital sensors (1-16) e.g. force, acoustics, travel, advance, eject
  • Duomatic or Quattromatic envelope curve technology to achieve the best monitoring results
  • New Systomatic function for refined recognition of systematic (persistent) process deterioration
  • Autopilot function for automatic setting of monitoring limits (option)
  • Angle-dependent data recording for improved signal recording and advance/eject monitoring (option)
  • 1-6 programmable integrated load amps for simple Plug and Play installation
  • Flexible, programmable interface for controlling machines (stop, sort, dose, soft stop, conveyor belt control, ghost shift etc.)
  • Flexible assembly options and simple, easy-to-use device controls via dial and keys.