Product - SHEET FORMING & SHEARING - Press Brakes  

Hydraulic Downstroking Pressbrake

DURMA Press Brakes have been designed and constructed using heavy high grade steel welded fabrication. The steel plate for the construction of the frame having been sand blasted prior to flame cutting and leveled prior to welding.

DURMA HAP series Press Brakes give customers very reliable and economical solutions at non CNC level. The torsion bar system is easy to operate with final accurate bending being achieved by servo adjustable worm and worm wheel dead stop to the hydraulic cylinders. The design is such that the specification can be increased to meet a customer's requirements by retrofitting either NC or CNC multi access control.

HAP series is for customers who look for high accurate bending with torsion bar system at a budget price.


CNC Syncro Press Brakes / E Series

E series Press Brakes bring affordable Y1, Y2 true closed loop ram positioning technology to the marketplace. Versatility and precision are now affordable and available to all customers requiring a press brake. The E series eliminates any further need to sacrifice technology in your next press brake purchase.

The closed loop Y1, Y2 system provides programmability of all ram speeds and positions. When forming large sheets the operator can program the pressing speed to a slow creep virtually eliminating any part whip up which can cause a “dishing or bowing” effect in the bed angle area. It is also possible to program a slow return speed for a short distance on the return of the ram and then pause; this along with the slow pressing speed makes handling of these large sheets much easier. Programmable ram tilts for fade out or conical work, and built in features for accurate progressive or stage work are also features of this system.


CNC Syncro Press Brakes / AD-S Series

The S is available in up to eleven axis configurations. It is a machine truly designed to decrease setup time.

The powerful yet simple control will automatically calculate the bend sequence, bend angle, back gauge retraction, bend allowance, and features collision protection. The automatic calibration and + - 0,01 mm positioning accuracy make S a great partner for the production of precision components, both large and small.

DURMA AD-S Series offers high accurate, reliable and reasonable price machine to the end users.


CNC Syncro Press Brakes / AD-A Series

With the new design A series press brakes, multiple tasks can be performed. They offer a long stroke, very generous bend space and very large effective tool height.

DURMA A series press brakes give you flexibility, quality, safety and productivity, DURMA A series press brakes are just what you are looking for. High positioning speed and with 365 mm stroke, we increased the productivity at highest level.

This press brakes are suitable for electro technical device, automotive industries plant engineering, job shops and many other manufacture areas of applications. Quality, productivity, safety, value… all in DURMA AD-A Series Press Brakes.

Durma AD-A Series Press Brake are the perfect solution for end user, they ensure high flexibility, productivity and profitability for investment. We guarantee optimum price and performance ratio by these machines.


Specific Applications for Pressbrakes

The long years experience of DURMA in building press brakes and huge amount of press brakes installed all over the world are the basis for our quality and improvement.

Specific size press brakes, tandem press brakes and special design press brakes are all generated by our research and development department.