Product - PRESSES - Mechanical Sheet Metal Presses  

OCP : 25 ~ 260 ton
G2 : 80 ~ 250 ton

Gap Frame Press

  • C-Type press frame allows convenient die setting.
  • The super rigid steel frame minimizes deflection.
Long and precise six-point, box type gibing enhances off-center loading resistance and prolongs die life.

SC1 Series
Single Crank Straight Sided Presses

  • Excellent solution to minimize C-frame deflection.
  • Expand the limit of progressive stamping application.
  • Improve high precision stamping and stability.
  • Reduced noise and vibration to enhance work environment.

STD : 150 ~ 1000 ton

Straight Side Double Crank Press

The super rigid press frame and wide bolster area are ideal for heavy-duty stamping and progressive operations.


GTX : 160 ~ 300 ton

Double Crank Press

  • The unitized straight-side press frame design minimizes deflection commonly found on Gap-frame presses.
  • Versatility makes it easy to integrate with a wide range of press automation equipment.

SLX : 160 ~ 300 ton

Straight Side Double Crank Link Drive Press

  • Ideal for progressive applications of automotive and electrical parts.
  • The linkage-driven mechanism greatly improves the forming ability.

HSD Series : Straight Side High Speed Double Crank Presses

60-300 Tons Capacity

HSD series are high speed double crank presses designed specially for the manufacture of laminated rotors and stators of electric motors. The press Frame, crown, uprights and bed are made of high quality cast iron. The frame is hydraulically pre-stressed by tie rods and nuts to ensure superior rigidity during high precision progressive blanking.


SH1 Series : Straight Side High Speed Single Crank Presses

20-45 Tons Capacity

SH1 series are high speed single crank presses designed and extra long precision 8-face central box type gibing providing full control of slide alignment during the effect stroke to allow the off-center loads. Specially designed for the production of the high speed progressive blanking and transferring parts.